So How Does This Work

No problem! The vast majority of our events, workshops, and masterminds are recorded.

We also offer a variety of ways to get support outside of the weekly classes and monthly workshops, including our weekly huddles and private community platform.

That’s up to you! We know you have a different amount of time to devote to business and income building action every month.

We’ll help you decide what action to take to move your music career forward depending on your existing commitments and personal capacity.

And here’s the thing: taking a small action every month toward building the music career you really want to have is better than nothing. 

When you join us, you’re in control of how much you use your new support system and how much time you spend on your business-building action. But we know whatever you commit to is worth the price of admission.

There are new classes each week, and new workshops every month. You will accelerate your career as you tune in. We as a community understand it when you can't tune in from time to time. We are here for you.

Nope! We find Facebook pretty distracting.

The Music Row Coach Community space is a private, dedicated community platform. Yes, it’s an extra place to go but we’ll make it worth your while.

There are no algorithms. Don't worry about your post not being seen.

Our weekly video classes and monthly live workshops are available for you to watch in our "Watch Videos" video portal.

We know that trusting yourself can be a big challenge when it comes to committing to decisive action and new habits.

But you’ve got this.

Plus, we believe strongly in not only sharing what we know and what's working currently to build a stronger music career, but we believe in supporting you as you cultivate the mindset that makes that truly possible.

One of the reasons we’re so big on commitment is that we believe in the power of doing what you say you’ll do–both when it comes to yourself and others.

We look forward to helping you get more clarity with setting your goals, developing your skills, and defining your next steps to take.

Each month, you’ll not only take action on building & growing your business in music, but you’ll recommit to overcoming your limiting beliefs with an entire community cheering you on.

Honestly, we feel the best results will come if you commit to building a stronger music career over the next 12 months. So you will discover that the annual plan is discounted for this reason.

We do understand fear and limiting beliefs, so we also offer a month by month membership.

Both plans are managed by you. You can cancel your membership at anytime, by yourself, which will stop it from renewing.

We offer a 7-day free trial, so that you can get started.

You're in control!